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Pare Down with the Declutter Habit

Johnny WooApril 10, 2015in Design
It’s a fact of life that without constant vigilance, clutter creeps up in our lives, accumulating into piles and closets and drawers and shelves so that it can overwhelm us. One of the best things I’ve done is simplify my life and pare down the clutter. How do you pare down when you’re overwhelmed by…


Leave Yourself Wanting More

Johnny WooApril 10, 2015in Design, Life
I think most of us have a tendency to do as much as we possibly can. But doing less might be better. When we go to a great restaurant, we want to try all the dishes, eat as much of the delicious food as we can. And we leave overstuffed, sometimes painfully so, and our…


The Case for Replacing Exercise with Play

Johnny WooApril 10, 2015in Design
The Great White Whale when it comes to forming new habits, for most people, is exercise. Along with eating your vegetables, meditation, getting good sleep and quitting smoking, exercise is probably the most important habit change anyone can make. And yet, most people struggle with creating a lasting exercise habit. The solution is to replace…


Life’s like a box of chocolate

Johnny WooApril 1, 2015in Fashion
I have always token Forrest Gump for a lovely man. His mama told him that life’s like a box of chcolate, you will never know what you’ll get, I know exactly the feel after all these years. I’ve had a few years of drifting life,  between the different abodes, walked in all kinds of people, I know the…


The last day in 2013

Johnny WooApril 1, 2015in Fashion, Life
Like my wife said, if you are working hard for your dream every day, the whole world will help you. Yes, she’s right. In this year, I have the honor to join Envato market, to meet some warmhearted people, they were help me to improve my designing works, translate the product documentation, etc. The most…


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