The previous Tottenham midfielder is as yet perplexed at the circumstance of Jose Mourinho’s terminating and can’t see top targets being landed

Jamie Redknapp has cautioned Tottenham that delegating Maurizio Sarri as replacement to Jose Mourinho will “not energize” allies of the club and furthermore questions how they could land Julian Nagelsmann, Nuno, or Brendan Rodgers.

Prods are as of now during the time spent distinguishing focuses for the director’s work after Jose Mourinho was sacked a week ago.

Different competitors have been mooted, with many flaunting encounters in the English first-class, however, Redknapp isn’t persuaded any of those being unequivocally connected with the job could be gained or demonstrate the correct fit.


The previous Spurs midfielder disclosed to Sky Sports subsequent to seeing a side right now under guardian mentor Ryan Mason endure a 1-0 loss to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup last: “The circumstance of Mourinho’s sacking was fantastic, however it doesn’t shock me with the club, it has occurred previously.

“They recruit and fire rapidly, yet they need to ensure they get the following one right. There’s a great deal of constrain now on the board to take care of business.

“It hasn’t worked out with Jose Mourinho, presently the following director must be the correct one, in any case the pressing factor will truly develop.

“Maurizio Sarri won’t energize the Spurs fans the slightest bit, not the slightest bit. You’d envision Julian Nagelsmann will proceed to take the Bayern Munich work. Nuno Espirito Santo – does that energize me? Not certain.

“Scott Parker appears as though he may be going down with Fulham, yet has a set of experiences with Tottenham. Rafa Benitez? No. Brendan Rodgers, would you leave Leicester now, where you have set up something?”


Sarri, who went through one season with Chelsea in 2018-19, is without a club having left Juventus in the mid year of 2020, while ex-Liverpool and Newcastle manager Benitez is additionally looking out for offers to get once more into the burrow.

Tottenham could do with getting somebody on board before the 2020-21 season finds some conclusion as Harry Kane, who is seeing a move somewhere else mooted, will need to understand what long haul plans in north London look like prior to settling on choices on his future.

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