We lead the show with Heifetz lamenting the Giants’ last gasp at making the playoffs after a bizarre Eagles-Washington game before offering up our winners and losers from Week 17. Then we revisit our preseason top targets, preseason bold predictions, and midseason bold predictions to see how we fared. Finally, we read perhaps the greatest listener email in the show’s history.

Giants (00:45)

Justin Jefferson, Vikings (6:10)
Jonathan Taylor, Colts (8:20)
Derrick Henry, Titans (9:51)
Chris Godwin, Bucs (11:30)
Brandin Cooks, Texans (11:50)
Marvin Jones, Lions (12:10)

Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins (13:48)
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins (17:06)
Chris Herndon, Jets (17:46)

Preseason Top Targets (19:52)
Preseason Bold Predictions (33:10)
Midseason Bold Predictions (50:47)

Listener Email (56:09)

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