Since it’s still early in the season, Chris and Kevin play a game of “Do You Believe …?” to discuss emerging trends across the NBA.

Do you believe that the season will go on without having to take a long stoppage or delay for a period of time? (3:10)

Do you believe that the Nets are not going to be able to reach their best? (8:20)

Do you believe that the Raptors can get it together? (17:59)

Do you believe LaMelo Ball will run away with Rookie of the Year? (20:46)

Do you believe Jerami Grant is proving he’s more than a role player? (26:56)

Do you believe that Zion Williamson will ascend to superstardom like we thought? (32:21)

Do you believe that Bradley Beal could be moved? (40:48)

Do you believe that Cade Cunningham from Oklahoma State is the guy and there will be no argument about who will go no. 1 in the draft? (46:08)

Do you believe that 1 percent of NBA fans could name the Oklahoma City Thunder coach? (51:02)

Do you believe that Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimi Hendrix are the three best guitarists ever? (54:21)

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