Cristiano Ronaldo was discontent with Euro 2020 coordinators for keeping two Coca-Cola bottles in the press conference room. The American drink organization is the sponsor of Euro 2020. 

In any case, after seeing the Coca-Cola bottles before him in the press conference room, Cristiano Ronaldo immediately removed the bottles from the camera and lifted a bottle of water, and said “agua” (water), asking individuals to drink water over such sweet beverages.

Ronaldo has reliably been a gigantically of wellness and health all through his calling. It was nothing surprising to see his discontent with Coca-Cola bottles before him instead of something sound.

This would come as a massive negative PR to Euro 2020 similarly as Coca-Cola. The reward goliaths are the position allies of the opposition yet with Ronaldo negating the drink visible to everyone, Euro 2020 facilitators may have to reexamine their arranging of the compartments.

With Ronaldo as of now negating Coca-Cola before a world group at Euro 2020, the association should see things even more suitably in publicizing its picture in football contests.

Ronaldo is a direct result of lead his Portugal side against Hungary in their underlying game at Euro 2020. Portugal has been brought into the “Gathering of death” close by administering World Cup champs France and Germany. Ronaldo understands that accomplishment against Hungary will be critical if Portugal needs to possess all the necessary qualities for the knockout rounds of Euro 2020.

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