There are a lot of extremely rich person proprietors in world football nowadays, yet there are likewise a few clubs who like to keep things somewhat nearer to home and give fans the control.

Newcastle United are the most recent fanbase competing to reclaim control from their proprietor, Mike Ashley, by buying a stake in the club, however history has shown us that such a choice can either work out impeccably or lead to calamity.

How about we investigate probably the most renowned fan-claimed clubs around.


Things in the background at Manchester United weren’t extraordinary when the new century rolled over, and they possibly deteriorated when the scandalous Glazer family purchased the club in 2005. That was the final irritation that will be tolerated for certain fans, a significant number of whom split away to frame their own group, FC United of Manchester.

Embedded into the 10th level of English football, FC United caused it as high as the 6th level in 2015 and they to have been kicking about in non-group from that point onward.

Which got going as a lot of tired fans who had become disappointed with United has since become a veritable football crew with a ladies’ arrangement too. They probably won’t swagger about in the Premier League, yet in any event the proprietors are a well known pack.


Wimbledon FC’s transition to Milton Keynes to become MK Dons in 2003 didn’t go down well among some nearby fans, a large number of whom decided to wait and make another group to help.

It’s a comparable story to that of FC United, yet what separates Wimbledon is the means by which effective they have been. Tossed in at level nine, the Dons are currently flying high in League One.

In their introduction season at that level, Wimbledon faced MK Dons, and they really proceeded to get a 2-0 success. Karma.


One of only four sides in Spain’s top level to in any case be possessed by its individuals, Athletic Club have been doing things their as own would prefer for quite a while now.

Since there is no friendly benefactor subsidizing the club, Athletic have zeroed in on creating gifts from inside the Basque district and will just sign players with neighborhood roots, and keeping in mind that that seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen, it has demonstrated to be anything other than.

Athletic are certified forces to be reckoned with in Spain and have never been consigned from the first class. They’re playing by no one’s standards except for their own, and they are totally adoring it.


Another of those Spanish sides to in any case be fan-possessed, Barcelona are illustration of what can happen when things get somewhat crazy.

An issue with Barcelona’s techniques is anybody expecting to become leader of the club should have the option to discover 10% of the club’s worth as some type of a store. Current president Joan Laporta required £108m before he could get down to business – something your Average Joe clearly can’t bear.

It implies that while Barcelona’s ‘socios’ can decide on who controls the club, they just have a limited number of rich, tip top contender to pick between. It’s a business, yet without the lawful name.

With power gave to the fat cats, Barcelona fans in fact control their club, yet they vote away their force at whatever point they get another president.


Barcelona may have lost their direction with regards to fan possession, yet German monsters Bayern Munich actually understand what they’re doing.

The Bundesliga’s well known 50+1 standard implies that groups should remain lion’s share possessed by fans (notwithstanding the odd special case), yet as opposed to agreeing to 51% fan proprietorship, Bayern have been pretty much as high as 75% as of late.

Fans zeroed in on accomplishing results on the pitch, and Bayern have developed and developed into an independent, rich force to be reckoned with of European football therefore. No glamour, no charm, just prizes.


Exeter’s transfer to the Conference in 2003 was a lot for the Exeter City Supporters Trust to bear. They had watched their side be destroyed by helpless proprietors, and they chose to step in.

The Trust purchased a dominant part share in the club and figured out how to keep them above water through gathering pledges exercises, until a FA Cup draw with Manchester United gave them the pay they expected to at long last rest and unwind.

Presently with a world class foundation, Exeter haven’t made it any higher than League Two, yet to fans, that is insignificant. Their club is alive and that is the only thing that is in any way important.


Since 1993, Brazilian law has permitted private proprietorship for their football crews, yet a chosen handful have dismissed change and keep on flying the banner for their allies.

Any semblance of Santos, Flamengo and Palmeiras are all important for that bunch, just like Brazil’s best club ever, Sao Paulo.

With six association titles and three tastes of Copa Libertadores wonder, it’s difficult to say it hasn’t turned out for them.


Officers aren’t altogether fan-possessed, however allies bunch Club 1872 are the second-biggest element in the meeting room, so they get something beyond a say with regards to how the club is run.

Conceived out of a common dissatisfaction towards previous administration, Club 1872 saw various fan bunches set up the entirety of their cash to buy a stake in the club, and as help has developed, so has the gathering’s spending power.

They as of now have the most awesome aspect of 11% of the offers in the club, and the expectation is to keep getting more over the long haul.

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