Premier League clubs have appealed to officials to limit the use of VAR next season. The system was used to perfection at Euro 2020, leading to the right decisions without disrupting the flow of the game and giving referees more room to use their common sense. Premier League boss Jose Mourinho has said he will not allow VAR to be used in the future.

Premier League clubs have made it clear that they want the use of video replays in games to continue. The VAR system was used in last season’s Cup final, but officials were encouraged to play advantage and only stop play if a clear and obvious error was detected by the VAR. Those clubs have reached out to the Premier League to urge them to intervene in the current system.

PGMOL have taken the need for correct decisions too far, ruling on decisions with pinpoint accuracy and taking far too long because of that. UEFA want English football to mimic the approach taken by UEFA, whose message was to ‘intervene for clear and obvious mistakes minimum interference for maximum benefit’ PGMOL general manager Mike Riley has been encouraged to draw up a new proposal for VAR which is more in line with UEFA’s hands-off approach.

Premier League clubs want to improve the use of VAR after last season’s problems. PGMOL hopes to come up with a system that leaves the main decisions to the on-field referee and will only intervene when something has been missed. The Premier League also wants to see more consistency in the way VAR is used, which lacked last season.

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