Kylian Mbappe’s fantasy worked out as expected after the Euros match among Portugal and France. In addition to the fact that he came facing his object of worship Cristiano Ronaldo, however the Portuguese skipper traded shirts with him after the match.

Mbappe has never covered up his esteem for Cristiano Ronaldo. The pictures of the youthful Frenchman in his room encompassed by banners of his legend are notable.

Also, fate would have it that Mbappe would at long last satisfy his fantasy about facing his object of worship. What’s more, not just that – Cristiano Ronaldo traded shirts with him toward the finish of the match.

Both could be seen leaving the pitch after Portugal-France – which got done with a 2-2 draw and the two groups equipped for the last 16 of the opposition – visiting to one another and giggling.

Ronaldo was obviously popular, as he didn’t just impart his shirt to Mbappe. At the break, he had something similar with ex-Real Madrid colleague Karim Benzema.

Presently Mbappe has only one dream left to satisfy: play in a similar group as Cristiano. Right now, in any case, this doesn’t seem as though it will happen any time soon.

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