Aston Villa boss Dean Smith will serve a one-match touchline ban against Newcastle after accepting an FA charge.

The 49-year-old was sent off during Wednesday’s 2-0 defeat to Manchester City and charged for using abusive and/or insulting language towards referee Jon Moss.

Smith was initially shown a yellow card, before his punishment was upgraded to a red

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Smith was initially shown a yellow card, before his punishment was upgraded to a red

Things got heated on the touchline at the Etihad Stadium as Smith appealed against City’s controversial opening goal in the second-half which has sparked another VAR storm.

Bernardo Silva produced a good finish to give the hosts the lead, but it came after teammate Rodri came back from an offside position to dart in and dispossess Tyrone Mings.

In real-time it appeared certain the goal would be ruled out but instead VAR allowed it to stand, citing the laws of the game that meant Mings’ ‘deliberate’ play of the ball effectively meant Rodri’s position didn’t matter.

Villa manager Smith was then sent off by Moss as he raged to officials about the decision.

The FA confirmed the Villa manager’s punishment on Friday night, adding that he has also been fined £8,000.

Smith asked the officials if they had got juggling balls for Christmas.

“I will reluctantly accept it. I will accept the charge of insulting the officials. I certainly didn’t abuse them and that will be the end of the matter,” said Smith, who will be in the stands for Saturday’s Premier League visit of the Magpies.

“I don’t really regret it. That’s just my way of dealing with the situation, a touch of sarcasm.”

Silva broke the deadlock for City

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Silva broke the deadlock for City


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Former referee chief Keith Hackett criticised Moss for the official’s ‘arrogant’ attitude towards Smith.

Hackett, a former Premier League referee and ex-PGMOL general manager, joined talkSPORT host Jim White to weigh in on the scenes, and admitted Smith should have known the law and so shouldn’t have acted in the way he did.

But he added that if he were still the head of UK referees, he would be having a word with Moss on Thursday morning over his conduct towards the Villa coach.

He said: “In the case of Dean Smith and the confrontation I would be asking Jonn Moss this morning: ‘Tell me exactly why you were near the technical area, and why couldn’t the fourth official manage the conflict?’

Smith was sent off for arguing about Man City’s opening goal, and later claimed other Premier League managers would not have received the same treatment

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Smith was sent off for arguing about Man City’s opening goal, and later claimed other Premier League managers would not have received the same treatment

“Conflict exists when you get in someone’s space and clearly Dean Smith was unhappy, therefore, stay out of his zone.

“He could have plucked the yellow card – if that was the direction of the fourth official – from a distance of ten or fifteen yards, turned, and then ran away.

“He wouldn’t be losing credibility there, but if you go into any manager’s space and things get heated, in that situation you’re inflaming the conflict.

“You’re also giving the message to the public: ‘Look at me, I’m arrogant as a referee because I’ve suddenly given him a red card’.

“The last thing we want is for a manager not being able to do his job from the touchline.

“So I would be asking how we could have avoided that situation.

“As a referee you’re in the entertainment business, but it’s not the referee that needs to entertain, you’ve got players that want to entertain.

“Dean Smith overstepped the mark out of frustration, and at the end of the day he’ll be punished. My view is you’ve got to think about how you can manage that situation without the ultimate punishment of sending him off.”


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