World Cup 1970 was the first time Panini World Cup stickers were released. One of the most beloved traditions is the Panini World Cup sticker album. From 1970, when it was first produced, it has become a staple of the tournament, and its popularity has only increased over the years. Panini has consistently produced these sticker cards since the 1970 World Cup, making them something tangible for the global audience to collect. With a low price and worldwide availability, Panini World Cup stickers and albums are some of the world’s most popular sports cards. With Panini World Cup stickers and albums, this high-profile tournament becomes even more important for collectors.

How many stickers are in the Panini World Cup 2022 album?

Panini has confirmed that 670 stickers will be included in this edition, so fans will already be planning how they will fill their sticker albums during World Cup 2022.

There will be squad pages for each of the 32 qualified nations with 18 players, plus kits, badges, and 50 elusive ‘shinies‘.

Albums are meant to be decorated with stickers featuring stadiums, mascots, players, and teams. Those shiny foil or hologram cards are the closest thing to the insert cards in the sets. The ultimate goal is to fill every blank spot in the album with the correct sticker, but it can be challenging.

How much will it cost to fill an album?

In the latest album, there are 670 stickers to collect, with each pack costing 90p, which means it will cost at least £120.60 to complete.

Kieran Maguire, a football finance expert, estimates that collectors will spend around £883.80 to acquire a full set. However, you can get them for considerably less if you search for cheap Panini World Cup 2022 sticker deals.

Where To Buy Panini World Cup 2022 Stickers?

Panini has already released the official sticker album for this year’s World Cup. In this way, their quest for completion can begin in earnest.

These cards can be purchased in a variety of ways. On the official Panini website, fans can purchase boxes of 50 or 100 sticker packets.

Individual sticker packets containing 5, 31, 50, 75, 250 and 500 stickers will be available from most major retailers and super stores. There are lots of deals on major online stores like Amazon, Ebey, Walmart and on media websites like Goal and others.


Today’s best Panini World Cup 2022 Stickers

Panini World Cup 2022 Stickers – 50 Pack (250 stickers)

Essential starter pack (31 stickers plus album) 

Today’s best Panini World Cup 2022 5 Stickers

Today’s best Panini World Cup 2022 500 Stickers

Where to get missing Panini stickers ?

Panini offers a chance for fans to secure missing tickets to complete their collection via their website with fans able to select stickers or purchase mixed ‘missing sticker’ packs.

How to swap Panini World Cup stickers online
With 670 stickers to collect to complete a World Cup album in the coming months, fans will need swaps, to ensure they do not fall short.

The two main websites for sticker swapping and trading are Stickermanager and Last Sticker, with options available to input the amount of, and which specific stickers you need, plus the amount of swaps you have available to trade with other collectors.

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