Jorge Jesus will forever be a Flamengo legend and Filipe Luís was happy to detail how meticulous ‘Mister’ was in training.

In an interview with Globo, the Brazilian international gushed over his former manager, who lost only four games while in charge of the rubro-negro.

“Jesus is very complete,” Luís said. “It was like this with him: the team played in 4-4-2, with Gabigol and Bruno Henrique in front, Arrascaeta and Everton Ribeiro coming in, three out with Arão, sides go up.

“I tell you this lasts ten seconds, but for him, it’s four training sessions. When the ball goes to Rafinha, Filipe closes to give support inside and Gerson goes forward.


“‘Ah, fine, but Rafinha was on the bottom line. That’s it?’

“No, who enters the area? Bruno Henrique, Arrascaeta, Gabigol enter, and Ribeiro goes inside. Filipe Luís and Pablo Marí will mark the attackers, and Willian Arão will compensate for Rafinha. All this in an excessive charge.

“If Rafinha were to cross and I wasn’t scoring on the right-wing, it was an extraordinary tough.

“If Gerson came out to press and the last defensive line did not follow, he charged with video.

“It was a lot of detail, and he kept talking about it every training session and every day. And there was something else: he told us that he was the best coach in the world and invented football. It was more or less that. And the players like to hear that.

“They said he was arrogant, that may be. Those who are not flamenguistas thought so. But whoever was there, thought: ‘Is he really good, that he really knows …?’.

“Perhaps it was the most meticulous, detailed, complete training that I have had.”

Flamengo will try to bounce back from their three-game winless run on Monday when they take on Goiás.


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