The Premier League side was dumped on Thursday from Europe after its loss, but the social media keeper sent a celebration tweet.

Joe Hart, Tottenham Goalie, apologised for the celebrative post that he had been knocked out from Europe League, writing ‘Work Done’ on his Instagram profile.

Hart’s Social Media also showed the victorious post, along with a 3-0 record, signalling Spurs’ removal. It was quickly removed and the former British goalkeeper uploaded a video of his apologies on Friday morning.

The Spurs number two stated that a member of his social media staff mistakenly believed the London club had won 3-0 rather than being defeated after extra time, that the error was unintentional, and that he was sorry for the loss and the resulting frustration generated by the ill-advised graphic.


Hart, who was on Thursday’s default bench in Zagreb, said: “On behalf of my social media staff, I guess I need to come and apologise. I just woken up, so I just heard that everybody thought we won 3-0 last night. It’s the facts, sloppy as it sounds.

“‘Job Done’ was released. I’m sure many people’s been sad and I’m sorry for that. That’s unfair. Obviously, that didn’t come from me, I have nothing but team love and I’m as poor as the guys, I’m sorry.

“These things unfortunately happen, please remember it came from nothing but a mistake.”


On Thursday night, in a round of 16 second-leg clashing the Premier League endured a crushing loss of 3-0 to Dinamo Zagreb, which took them out of action with 3-2, over and over.

After 2-0 in the first leg of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Spurs were just below the level of the quarter-final of the European competition but well below the level of the Croatian returning match.

Mislav Orsic scored two stunning second-half goals to force extra time, then finished his hat-trick with a 106th-minute long-range strike to knock Hart and co out of Europe.

This was missed on Hart’s Instagram administrator, who posted “Work Done” with a huge green tick over a graphic displaying the final result and the overall ranking.

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