Mesut Ozil has not forgotten about his feud with Piers Morgan despite swapping Arsenal for Fenerbahce.

The former Gunners star, 32, left the Emirates for Turkey earlier this month, ending a seven-and-a-half year Arsenal career which had turned sour.

Ozil and Morgan have never seen eye-to-eye

Ozil and Morgan have never seen eye-to-eye

After months on the sidelines, Arsenal ended up paying Ozil seven figures so they could rip up his £350,000-a-week contract and allow him to join Fenerbahce on a free transfer.

The ex-Germany international split opinion, from those who considered him a victim of the whole saga to those who see him as more of a mercenary.

But Morgan, the TV presenter and famous Arsenal fan, made it very clear he was not a fan of Ozil.

He replied to one of Ozil’s tweets in December with one of many brutal put-downs, saying: “Real Arsenal fans aren’t behind you. You’re our Paul Pogba – massively overpaid, massively under-performing and shockingly overinflated sense of your own importance. #truth.”

And Ozil has continued the war of words, posting a picture from Turkey with ‘Poop On Piers’ branded toilet roll.

He captioned the tweet: “Piers, I took this with me from London to Istanbul to remind me of you!

“Although you probably knew that already before… #pooponpiers’”

Unsurprisingly, Morgan responded with his own insult, writing: “Mesut, you’re full of cr*p, so I’m glad to be of much-needed use.”


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