The Juventus player couldn’t believe it when match officials ruled that his late shot had not crossed the line.

After having his last-minute winner against Serbia overlooked in Saturday’s World Cup qualifier, Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo ripped off his armband and headed back to the dressing room.

However, his shot was incorrectly ruled to have crossed the line, allowing Serbia to celebrate a 2-2 draw as Portugal screamed at the match officials.

The Juventus player claimed he had saved the game for the visitors after they had blown a two-goal advantage.


Diogo Jota has shown the main and has accomplished both goals to easily advance the Selecao before half-time.

But all these efforts were not over, despite Mestrovic’s futile efforts to clear the ball in the last few seconds.

The reigning European champions hoped to score six of the six points by Saturday after opening their qualification campaign with a 1-0 victory over Azerbaijan.

For his troubles, the forward received a yellow card and walked off the field before the final whistle, throwing his captain’s armband into the ground for good measure.

However, despite television replays indicating that the ball had evidently crossed, no goal was scored, and Ronaldo, who had already wheeled away in delight, began arguing with the linesman as play unfolded around him.

Serbia, however, has not given up to make up for the game after the split, by way of Aleksandra Mestrovic and Fillip Kostic.

Where is innovation? 

This events in elite football were mainly linked to the past as the goal-line technology developed.

No goal-line technology and no VAR in the qualifications are in place, but Ronaldo manages to pursue his first campaign goal after still pulling a blank on Azerbaijan.

The ball-crossing schedule was first adopted at the 2014 World Cup and much earlier, even though UEFA was slower to do this, using the new technologies for Euro 2016 and the subsequent campaign of Champions League. The device is used to determine when the ball was completed.

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