In this summer, after being frustrated with the criticism of him at Youth, Christiano Ronaldo was connected with the return to Madrid.

In 2018 He joined the Bianconeri and struggled to deliver the League of Champions.

In the last 9 seasons of this campaign, they could even lose the championship in the Italian league.

Madrid is a destination that cannot be omitted, because of its actions and its lack of priorities.

The latest update on Dario Gol’s return to La Liga from Calciomercato says the attacker is ready to come back, but only if Zinedine Zidane remains its boss.

In recent months, the Frenchman saw his place as the club’s manager.

There were rumours that the club was against some of his trade moves, but they are behind in defence of their title.

If they ended this campaign without a trophy next season, it is unknown.

However, if Ronaldo’s signature is extreme, he should be retained.

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