Scott Parker has been labelled out of touch with the real world by talkSPORT host Hugh Woozencroft as Jose Mourinho insisted the Fulham boss should apologise for calling the short-notice of his side’s Tottenham fixture ‘scandalous’.

Fulham will travel to Spurs on 48 hours’ notice this Wednesday as the postponed clash was rescheduled to take place instead of Tottenham’s match with Aston Villa, which got pushed back by COVID-19.

Fulham were not expecting to play until Friday

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Fulham were not expecting to play until Friday

The London derby was originally due to take place on December 30 before an outbreak of coronavirus at Fulham meant it was called off just three hours before it was due to kick-off.

While Tottenham knew they had a match this Wednesday, albeit against different opponents, Parker was not expecting to play until Friday against Chelsea, in a match which will now take place on Saturday.

Reacting to the news, the Fulham manager described the short notice of the Spurs fixture as ‘scandalous’ – and Mourinho was not impressed with his former Chelsea player.

The Spurs boss said: “In relation to Fulham, I think we should wait for tomorrow. We should see their team, their starting line-up, their bench, the players that start, the players on the bench, and the players not involved in the game.

“And after that we can all feel sorry for them. Or we can all think that they shouldn’t speak.

Mourinho was left bewildered by Parker’s comments


Mourinho was left bewildered by Parker’s comments

“My feeling is just my feeling. It’s that they will play with everybody. Maybe one player out. Maximum two.

“That’s just my guess because all this is confidential information and we don’t have access to any of this. It’s just a feeling that I have, the best Fulham will be here, so when we see the best Fulham, then you realise lots of things don’t make sense.

“We played, if I’m not wrong, 10 more matches than Fulham since the beginning of the season.

“We played every week, three matches a week. We played, in one week, four matches. They played Saturday against QPR. In London.

“They have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the game. If they come with half of the team, I will be the first one to apologise to them. And I will be the first one to say we played this game with an advantage.

“If they come with their best, I think they should apologise to all of us. Come on, let’s play football.”

Jose Mourinho pokes fun at Premier League by posting video on Instagram claiming Spurs don’t know if their game is going ahead just four hours before kick-off

Meanwhile, talkSPORT presenter Woozencroft was also disappointed with Parker’s comments given how the rest of the world has been forced to react to the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis.

“Football is showing, once again, it is disconnected with the real world,” Woozencroft said.

“It’s been months now and we all know how flexible we have to be, those of you with children out there understand that because earlier on this month you were told, with less than 24 hours notice, that you would have to be homeschooling your kids off to school.

“So we should all get it by now, but clearly we don’t, because Scott Parker is so annoyed at being given two days to prepare for a match.

“Clearly he doesn’t understand what people are going through, because it’s a privilege to play football and he should be absolutely delighted that he’s got a game to play.

“What does he want? Would he want it to be forfeited? At least he’s got a chance of playing the match.”

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