Serena watched Grigor Dimitrov’s match with Olympia, her daughter. The Bulgarian was playing against Cristian Garin.

Serena was asked how she felt about Grigor’s game by the commentator during the match. in amusing conversation ensued between them.

She answered amusingly:

Well, we’re thinking about changing Dimitrov’s game to the G-force. We are excited to see, you go out there, and crush it”

A movie reference sparked the American and her fun narrative with Dimitrov.

The Bulgarian, he was looking at the G-force, the Genuis. May G-force be with you”, 

Serena said as the Bulgarian was seen laughing. Before going to play the next game, Dimitrov was asked if he had any questions for the American.

It’s so nice to be on the other end right, Serena?” 

asked the Bulgarian, referring to Serena’s commentary.

With a hearty smile, Serena responded,

It is, its!!”. 

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