Basketball is one of the amazing sports. It is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, it is the cheapest sport as compared to other games. You do not need to buy costly things to play indoor or outdoor. You can play it as both in and outdoor game. Like all other games there is some basic factors to keep in mind while playing basketball outdoor. These factors play major role on the performance of player.

There are several tips on playing basketball outdoor;

Outdoor basketball shoes vs. Indoor basketball shoes

There is a huge difference between outdoor shoes and indoor shoes for basketball. Grip and sole play major role while playing outdoor. If indoor shoes are used for playing outdoor, it can easily be wearing out within few weeks. Because, the material used in both varies. For indoor, they prefer light weight, comfortable, style more than traction. The sole is made of rubber that is much softer than rubber used in outdoor shoes. The indoor shoes may also do not focus on the breathability because weather conditions are not effective while playing indoor.

The outdoor shoes sole is made of hard rubber and variably thick to compensate the balance and grip to avoid slipping and falling on the ground. So, the manufacturer focuses on the traction, and it’s also going to be heavier because of the material used in manufacturing. Those material is usually used that avoid the possible injuries outdoor and more comfort without sacrificing the traction. The mesh material is preferred the better breathability to avoid sweating and slipping.

The durability of shoes matters a lot so that the outdoor shoes last longer than the indoor shoes.

Clothing and accessories

Clothing can make a huge difference in keeping you dry, comfortable and cool and prevents you from overheating in hot days. Dry fits are used in playing basketball outdoor and is also popular now a days. It works on taking the sweats off and make you dry, cool and comfortable while playing. Including the accessories, basketball backpack is usually very useful and comfortable while playing outdoor or indoor. It can be available in different colors and material. You can carry an extra t-shirt, towel, water bottle and separate compartment for ball. A player does not need an expensive dry fits or accessories that are easily available in almost every market.


Depending upon the location where you are playing outdoor, weather conditions must be nice. Heatstroke is the major and very serious condition a player faces playing outdoor. It is the major cause of sudden death when player is running from few hours continuously in harsh weather conditions. It can avoid by drinking plenty of water, get some shades and takes break when you need it. One most important tip when you are playing in very hot days. A player must keep his neck wet with water or wet cloth because neck plays large part in overheating during hot days. A player can also take bath before going out in hot weather for playing. It will a take longer to overheat than in normal circumstances. Sometimes a player face windy weather while playing outdoor. It will trouble their balance while playing a shot. Players must use some techniques like floaters to play good during wind. Sometimes it started raining when playing outdoor and that make it difficult to play on wet and slippery court. A good pair of shoes with strong grip can be used in these circumstances. Playing on wet surfaces is very dangerous and might be a cause of injury if player does not have traction and lose stability.


All basketballs are not made for indoor or outdoor. If an indoor leather ball is used for outdoor game, it will be worn out within a week. The concrete court surface is very unforgiving and usually outdoor basketballs do not last as long as indoor basketballs. Grip and feel are very important for basketballs. A player does not like a ball that does not have strong grip especially when it got wet by rain water or something else.  The tips for longer lasting basketball outdoors, do not allow the basketballs to be used in pickup games. But usually, outdoor basketballs do not last longer.

Playing on grass/ portable basketballs hoops

You can buy a portable basketball hoops but you do not have enough space or do not have a cement pad in your home and your parents do not have any issue in playing backyard on grass than you can work on drills. For a perfect game, practice is very important. So, in backyard grass a player can easily do shooting. A player must push his self out of the norms and be obsessed about getting better and better. By making hoop in backyard, one can play all the day and can easily come for rest and food. Because, repetition and practice is one basic factor that leads to success. If a player follows that simple tip, their game will drastically improve over days.

Outdoor basketball court types

The different types of basketball courts have impact on the player body and joints, with the increasing age the pain and aches of body increasing than the time when player was younger. The different courts include cement, concrete and asphalt. They are all very had material for a player. The better tip for hard outdoor basketball courts is to use soft insoles for shoes to avoid terrible shin splints and joint pain. It will work as a pillow for feet. Some other things a must player must consider if he feels like driving for loose balls. It will take a player out of the game for a couple of weeks because of broken bones and bruises. A player must make sure to take some bandages and tapes in his backpack for just in case.

By following these simple tips for playing basketball outdoor, a player can easily adjust his self in outdoor courts and succeed.

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