Zlatan Ibrahimovic incredibly hitch-hiked a ride on a motorbike with an AC Milan fan before singing at a music festival with Bologna boss Sinisa Mihajlovic.

The 39-year-old was on his way to Sanremo Festival when he was stuck in a traffic jam for around three hours following a traffic accident.

Zlatan incredibly hitchhiked a lift to a concert with a Milan fan

Zlatan incredibly hitchhiked a lift to a concert with a Milan fan

But instead of waiting out the traffic, the veteran striker decided to jump out of the vehicle to hop on a motorcycle with a gobsmacked fan, who then drove him to the concert.

Milan boss Stefano Pioli may not have been too impressed after Zlatan later revealed the biker was driving on the motorway for the first time.

But the risk of missing his duet was too imminent so the Swede insisted he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

Speaking about the incident, Ibrahimovic said: “There was an accident on the motorway. After three hours in the car I told my driver to open the door to let me out.

“I stopped a motorcyclist and asked him, ‘can you take me to Sanremo?’

“Luckily he was a Milan fan. When we got here he told me, ‘That was my first time on the motorway’. I’ve got the video!”

Ibrahimovic was appearing as  a guest at Italy’s biggest song contest and he didn’t look too comfortable with the mic in his hands.

And in typically-Zlatan fashion, the ex-Man United striker joked that next time the concert has to go to him.

“I know you missed me yesterday but I’m back now. I was in Milan yesterday… although you could have come to me!” he said.

“We could have had the festival at mine. Rule number 4: if Zlatan can’t go to the festival, the festival must come to Zlatan. There’s room in Zlatan’s house.”

Ibrahimovic is currently recovering from a thigh injury and will miss his reunion with the Red Devils in the Europa League next Thursday.


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